Stuart Fraser about his Severn Tier 2 in Medoc

Stuart Fraser and his Severn Tier 2 in Medoc

‘After playing the Severn unplugged all afternoon before I had to leave for this Noiseworks gig in Karatha, the guitar had impressed and convinced me so much that I left my Keya at home, and just used the Severn, (kept same strings on for gig!!).
Once again like the Keya, every aspect of this instrument is immaculate. A Knaggs trait.
The materials and the way that they are treated, beautiful, in combination with neck/headstock and body design, so original yet very familiar. The trem design and locking heads work great. I was initially attracted by the bridge design on Knaggs guitars, an inventive adjustment to previous designs! Not only more efficient, the resonance it directs to the body is astounding! (I’m running out of adjectives to express my excitement).

To ALL the Knaggsters: The detail of woodwork, from the neck joint to the multilayered body, fretboard inlays and headstock veneer, logo layout and the great finish and color: stunning!! The electronic components feel and work well, the pickups are awesome!
I can’t express my appreciation enough about your work. When an instrument inspires you to do better, you have to love that!!
Thank you Knaggsters!’

Stuart Fraser and his Severn Tier 2 in Medoc

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