Steve Stevens: “I think Knaggs guitars are at the pinnacle of amazing hand crafted guitars. Not only do they look incredible, but there is a certain organic nature to every design aspect of the guitars …

Steve Stevens (Photo:

… First and foremost there is this amazing bridge system that translates the natural string vibration better than most guitars out there. The neck and fretwork is impeccable. This translates to an instrument that plays in tune better than other guitars. That is the first thing people will notice. Pick one up and fret a bar chord at the tenth fret…then you will immediately see what i am talking about. They also use the highest quality components available. Joe Knaggs & Peter Wolf have the experiences of a lifetime in making great guitars. Together they brainstormed to design and build the absolute best instruments available. They also care deeply about the buyers that fork over their hard earned cash for their guitars.”
Steve Stevens

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