Knaggs branded guitar straps

available in 4 colours: Black, Chestnut, London Tan, Tobacco (Photo:

The Seventh String Guitar Strap: Knaggs branded guitars straps (Photo:

Knaggs branded guitars straps from the World’s leading Artist and leather maker Mike Keiley. You can order them directly from Seventhstringstraps in Atlanta!

The Seventh String Guitar Strap began with a call to Master Leathersmith Michael Keiley from his cousin, a superlative guitarist and veteran performer who was seeking a strap to meet his threefold needs of comfort, durability, and secure handling of his valuable guitar.

Keiley, whose most widely-recognized work is the iconic journal featured in the motion picture epic Dances With Wolves, began fabricating prototypes and sending them to his cousin for “torture testing and evaluation”. The quest for the finest available leather guitar strap was on, and the results are offered on these pages. (Read more here …)

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Knaggs Guitars @ Musikmesse 2013
Doug Rappoport, playing Knaggs Guitars