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About Us

Knaggs Guitars was founded in 2009 by World renowned designer and Luthier Joe Knaggs and Marketer Peter Wolf

All designs/creations except Artist Signature models are named after Native Indian river names in North-America

Wood & Materials are carefully selected and processes are state-of the art. A skilled team of experienced senior guitar builders are making sure the end result is as good as it can possibly be: creating the finest instruments and providing the best tools for players and guitar aficionados.

Everyone at Knaggs guitars is a highly skilled professional – together we have over 150 years of experience in creating extraordinary instruments.

We look forward to building one for you!

What They’re Saying:

“I think Knaggs guitars are at the pinnacle of amazing hand crafted guitars. Not only do they look incredible, but there is a certain organic nature to every design aspect of the guitars"
- Steve Stevens

“Knaggs Guitars, to me, is a perfect combination of classic, tried and true formulas with brilliant, innovative designs. Knaggs Guitars have been a huge part of helping me continue to evolve and define my own sound, yet still remain steeped in classic, sweet sweet tones that have always inspired me to play”
- Doug Rappoport

“My Knaggs are some of the most amazing guitars that I've ever played. A true joy to play, great tone, visually stunning and perfectly at home in my hands. I call them inspiring, playable works of art, with a modern vintage vibe to them”
- Larry Mitchell

“This is an instrument that exudes quality and care from every angle. The guitars are put together with a level of craftsmanship that is a cut above most other instruments out there today. The personal interaction with the company and they way they listen to what the customer wants is fantastic. From the neck profile, to the weight, to the finish... these guitars fulfill every promise and more. They sound chunky and full, but with no unwanted overtones, play like butter, feel solid, and look classy.”
- Billy Morrison

"I have played with many artists and I have played many different styles of music from Broadway to Jazz to Rock to Funk/Blues. I have used different guitars for certain gigs... but after getting my Knaggs Severn, I can now use one guitar for all of my gigs”
- Jeff Washington

“Knaggs guitars offer the perfect combination of beauty, playability and tone. Any stage I'm on my Knaggs guitars have to be with me”.
- Bruce Sokolovic

“Knaggs consistently makes masterpieces of art that are incredibly fun and great playing instruments! I always get excited to recommend them and talk about them with other guitar players."
- Tyler Tomlinson

"Every time I have a recording session, in any studio, the sound engineers always have something to say about the perfectly balanced sound of my Severns"
- Federico Navarro

“I don't have any of the worries I have when I play other guitars, when I play this guitar, tuning stability, sustain and a big fat sound that lets me hold a note for as long as I want or use controlled feedback to get really crazy, I can do dive bombs with the whammy bar and it will still be in tune, I think that's one of my favorite things about the guitar, it’s not a delicate instrument that you have to be careful with, you don't have to hold back at all with this guitar, it can take whatever you can dish out”
- Michael McHenry

"From fundamentals like the woods, weight and balance to fine details like the wiring and set up, these guitars are without equal. I never go on stage without mine!"
- Richard Barrett

“The Kenai is amazing. Totally blowing my mind here. With your permission, I would like to take this guitar to the NY Amp show next weekend to demonstrate our pedals. It’s just so sweet and creamy that every pedal sounds fantastic. Perfect tone machine.”
- David Koltai

“Hey Chaps! We really like the vibe of what you’re doing and as Mick and I walked down the corridor we both said … ‘we’ve just seen and played the guitars of the show’”.
- Dave Burrluck

“I unexpectedly played one of your guitars (Kenai) over the weekend at the New York amp show – I liked it – great work!”
- Chuck Hammer

“If your buying choice is about sound and feel, and you love old Fender guitars, then you need to play the Chesapeake Choptank. Be warned: you might have to buy it though!”
- Guitarist Magazine

“These are not guitars, these are pure master pieces; a sculpture in the wood. I’m amazed, overwhelmed, speechless… beyond words.
- Pablo Olivares

“This Knaggs guitar plays so effortlessly, which is great for me since I am sitting here jamming with the chops meister”
- Scott Lerner

“Knaggs guitars give me everything I could ever need in the recording studio and live on stage . Their unparalleled craftsmanship and amazing tone make them very rewarding to play and beautiful to look at as well. I'm honored to be able to play such special instruments. They inspire me every time I pick them up.”
- Scott Sudbury

“The fact that impressed me the most about Knaggs is that they feel alive right out of the box! To me they're the best guitars in the world”
- Javier Vinas

“Playing a Knaggs guitar is somewhere in between (I'd imagine) driving a New Ferrari, and a classic Porsche. It feels and sounds like a dream, and is easily one of the most inspiring guitars I've ever had the honor to play”
- Jakob Morelli

"I’ve been playing with my Knaggs Kenai since 2012 and over the years this guitar has shaped the sound of my playing. Not only is it a solid, high quality build instrument but most importantly it has a unique distinctive voice that I’ve never heard on any other guitar. Thank you Joe and Peter for helping me make my sound unique"
- George Kapa

Special thanks

… to Scott Shirley, Dean Nitsch, Danny Dedo, Eric Johnson, Andreas Hoeflich, Jordanis Sountoulidis, Markus Kaes, Scott Brunner, Chris Buck, Joe Knaggs, Peter Wolf, Larry Melton, Greg Izzi, John Ingram, Joe Johnson, Randy Perry, Jamie Aulson, Leslie Knaggs, Andy Spagnola, Dave Burrluck, Joe Coffee, Chris Bavaria, Dietmar Roth, Jock Walsh, Richard Loeffler, Marie Wolf, Chris Campana, Lucas Wolf, Julius Wolf, Larry Burkindine, Melissa Tipett, Brad Hill, Dean Hill, Debbie Doering-Welch, Mick Taylor, Pablo Olivares, Andrew Fox, Chris Fox, Joseph Hartman , Zac DelVecchio , Frank De Fina , Sylvie Bracke and Damian Wolf.