About the Creation Series™

There is a point where guitars as splendid instruments transcend into the realm of guitars as functioning art. Many Knaggs aficionados are enthralled by the persona of Joe Knaggs the artist as well as Joe Knaggs the luthier.

To serve numerous customers who ask for “something unique and totally different” we present The Creation Series™ Guitars. As a true artist in every sense of the word, Joe is “commissioned” to produce a guitar which serves as a testament to the customer’s life, thematic interest or imagination. In this sense the customer suggests a theme or “affect” as well as the guitar’s model configuration but the final work comes from the mind and soul of Joe Knaggs the artist, that is, his interpretation of the commissioned theme.

These special pieces exist as “one of a kind” never duplicated instruments. As such, they are priced to the dealer as a specific range rather than a fixed price. The customer can specify the concept theme i.e. ”Egyptology” as well as model , neck wood, etc but the finished product is seen for the first time upon delivery.

We liken the process to commissioning art from Pablo Picasso; you do not know in advance what the artist will paint but you know it is a Picasso.

Creation Series™ orders should be discussed preliminarily with an authorized Knaggs representative and ultimately with Joe Knaggs himself.

Creation Series™ serial #1 – ‘The Black Pearl’:

Creation Series serial # 1 – ‘The Black Pearl’ (Photo: Larry Melton)

Creation Series #12 – ‘Josie’s Butterfly’:

Creation Series # 12 ‘Josie’s Butterfly’ (Photo: Larry Melton)

Creation Series™ #2 “Monument Valley”:

Creation Series # 2 “Monument Valley”

Creation Series # 2 “Monument Valley”

Creation Series™ #5 “The Mating Dance”

Creation Series™ #5 “The Mating Dance”

Creation Series™ #5 “The Mating Dance”

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